The Language of Natural Light

The Language of Natural Light

Recently, I visited a clients home. When I walked into the home, I was immediately taken with the tone of the interior. It was at the time of a fall day in the late afternoon when the sun is bright and casts the most dramatic shadows. I followed the light down to the beautiful Brazilian cherry hardwood floors. They were warmly highlighted.

I felt at ease and comfortable. What was it? As I glanced around the room I saw stunning artwork on the walls and distinctive furnishings. In that moment, as I took it all in, I realized that there was something more valuable in that interior than those items. It was the natural light.

What did it cost? Was it worth the investment? The cost? Not much at all. The price of natural light is profoundly low these days (always has been). When we open up our doors and windows, pull up the shades, pull back the drapes we�ve paid in full. The return on investment? Spectacular!

Natural light enhances your interior, it warms, it envelopes, it rolls around objects until it reaches it�s intended destination to rest.

After leaving the home, I came to this realization. That even with the best of furnishings, all is “lost in translation” without natural light. �Light always communicates in a clear and perceptible voice. Until our interior elements begin to dance in that light, we don’�t really see them.

Let the language of natural light communicate within your interior.

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Jonathan Bates customizes living spaces to fit the unique style of the homeowner. His company, Prizmatik Interiors, provides design consulting services to residences across the DC Metro areas.

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  2. In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary. Althought the asian inspired bowl is the centerpiece, the light and shadows really make this entrance sort of extraordinary.

    • So true – everything is extraordinary! Thanks!

  3. Never really thought how important lighting can be. It really does make a difference!

    • Yes, isnt the impact of natural light amazing?

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