Progressive Patterns – Find Your Preferences

Progressive Patterns – Find Your Preferences

Captivating rooms are the result of good design elements that work well together. It’�s true that the measured use of pattern in a room can create visual appeal� that won�t be denied.

Look around any furniture showroom. Okay, let�’s use Crate & Barrel (a favorite stop) as an example. You�’ll notice that patterns are intricately woven into the fabrics that cover many furnishings. Some are bold and others are more subtle, less dominate. Most of us like patterns. The self proclaimed audacious among us actually love patterns and may find themselves using it without restraint.

Why not fill a room with a multitude of patterns? You could, but I really wouldn’t recommend it. Truth be told, too many patterns in any room can be overwhelming and distractive. Two attributes that are the antithesis of exceptional interior design. �So,�what’�s the accepted rule for pattern mixing in interiors?

Mix it Up � Mixing Patterns

  • Choose three to five patterns from large to small in scale (vary the scale).
  • Keep the intensity of the color palette similar.
  • Use colors that are related (for a more subtle feel). Contrast can also work with proper scale (results in a vibrant feel).
  • Balance patterns with solid colors (sofas, rugs and wall colors).
  • Pay attention to the weight of pattern within a room (distribute throughout a room).

Add personality to your interior. Whether you’�re working with geometric, abstract, floral, or bold stripes. There’�s a pattern out there to suit your interior. Find your preferences!

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Jonathan Bates customizes living spaces to fit the unique style of the homeowner. His company, Prizmatik Interiors, provides design consulting services to residences across the DC Metro areas.

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  1. WONDERFUL post! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to learn more.

    • Thanks Sandy. There’s much more up ahead tailored to address your interior design questions.

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