Making the Light Choice

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Making the Light Choice

Every room is enhanced by light. Lighting is an integral part your interior as it directly affects how your space is perceived. It enhances architectural detail, furnishings and design features. When designing a room it should be at the top of the list along with space planning.

Unfortunately, it�s one of the most overlooked elements in interiors. As a result, a room can begin to look less than ordinary.

3 basic types of lighting for your interior:

  • Accent Lighting: Highlights details and objects in a room while creating drama. Types include Table Lamps, Floor Lamps (free up surface areas), Tracks and Spotlights.
  • Task Lighting: Functional lighting for work intensive areas or specific tasks with a room. Types include Lamps, Track and Under-Cabinet.
  • Ambient Lighting: Also known as general lighting provides the overall illumination for any room. Types include Flushmount, Semi-Flush, Chandeliers, Pendants, Sconces and Recessed (dimmers are recommended for all ambient lighting).

Want lighting that captivates?

Layer your lighting. You’ll more than likely have 2 out of the 3 options within a room. �This will create harmony, mood and atmosphere. Have you ever walked into an interior during the day and returned to that interior later in the evening? The space feels warmer and mood of the room is communicated.

Lamps as one of your light choices.

Lamps create visual interest. Available in sizes ranging from 11 to over 36 inches in height. Remember, scale is important. Look for lamps that are in proper proportion to the furniture (end table, console table, desk, etc.) that they will be placed upon. Translucent shades serve dual purposes. Directing light down for reading and illuminating soft light throughout the room to create atmosphere. Styles of lamps encompass traditional, contemporary, modern and transitional.

Here�s a great tip. Installing a dimmer allows you to create ambiance for your interior and the convenience of adjusting the lighting for almost any task. Your choice of bulbs will include incandescent (warm & flattering), halogen (a pure white light) and fluorescent (a bluish cool light).

Want a look similar to what�s in those interior design magazines? Maybe it’s time to take a another look around your interior. �Turn on the lights. Making the right selections with lighting results in an interior that�s both inspiring and�extraordinary.

What type of lighting is needed in your interior?

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