How to Breathe Life Into Your Room

How to Breathe Life Into Your Room

True or False: All that a room needs to be lively, is a beautiful sofa or an exceptional table.

That would be “false.”

Beautiful furniture is a start to creating a room that you want to come to life.

What if you have the right sofa, the perfect side table and distinct shelving? �Still, no distinguishable pulse. When a room has no pulse, it�s absent of individual character and personality.

The “air” or “life” that you breathe into a room is revealed through the details. Yes, it�’s the details � the unique elements comprised of arrangements of vases, picture frames, and other cherished and personal objects that breathe life into your room.

Does a room in your home need resuscitating? Start by looking for details that are personal. They don’�t necessarily need to be expensive objects. However, they need to be interesting and arranged by shape and color.

Place objects together that enrich each other. Objects that have comparable tones and work well together. You can also juxtapose by introducing a contrasting color for a great effect.

After you�’ve located those special pieces and arranged them with a sense of symmetry and balance, then you�ll need to edit. Try not to fill up the space with too many objects. Less is more. Fewer pieces combined thoughtfully make a stronger visual statement.

Experiment. Play with color and scale as you discover the pulse that brings your room to life with a spirit of vitality

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Jonathan Bates customizes living spaces to fit the unique style of the homeowner. His company, Prizmatik Interiors, provides design consulting services to residences across the DC Metro areas.

5 Responses to How to Breathe Life Into Your Room

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  2. Well said. A room should reflect the core of who you are. I’m not a fan of “shiny and new.” So I agree that “special pieces” that have character – and perhaps even tell a story – will certainly breathe life into a room.

    • Thanks Tracey – we’re on the same page!

    • AGREED!!! What a beautiful website! The quality of a room is in the detail. Which will help to bring the relaxing pleasure we all desire. We have always believed that our artwork “Model Ships” can bring life into a room.

      Congratulations on your business and future endeavors.

      Excellent rooms, makes me feel like jumping into them.

  3. Thanks Kers & Dee! Youre right your Model Ships from “Adventures at Sea” are stunning works of art, absolutely remarkable!

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