Granite – A Perfect Rock for Your Countertop!

Granite – A Perfect Rock for Your Countertop!

When I was young, I collected rocks. While walking, I�’d often divert my gaze toward the ground in search of yet another rock. But not just any rock. They had to be smoothly shaped and uniquely colored to be added to my stellar collection. Even at that very young age, I knew what I liked.

Today, I no longer collect rocks. Well, not entirely true. If I come across something that�’s really spectacular, it�’s in the pocket. That said, I have a new affinity bigger and more impressive. It’�s called earth�s signature rock �Granite! Let me explain my fixation with granite.

Granite is an igneous rock, meaning that� it�’s formed from fire, the cooling and solidification of magma (deep in the earth) or what we know as lava (above the earth�s surface typically from volcanoes). Okay, enough geology. Although, I could go on —� I find it fascinating.

Why do so many designers and homeowners prefer granite?

Granite is actually the most popular stone countertop material. Here are a few features that make granite so exceptional:

  • It�s impressive. With a visible crystalline, coarse-grain texture and speckles that are formed from quartz, feldspar, and mica. Cut from massive stone blocks into slabs then polished to a mirror finish. Always unique in character, each slab of granite features amazing variation and depth.
  • Spectrum of colors. Granite comes in range of over 1,000 rich colors from greens, browns, taupes, reds, to blues, mauves and violets. Not to mention the purest black and the brightest whites.
  • Endurance. When it comes to solid surfaces you won�t find one much harder. It�’s almost as hard as a diamond and it�s virtually non-porous. The timeline on granite? Will outlast your home when cared for properly. Resists heat, cold, stains and scratches.� All that�s required is sealing with granite sealer every two years for high usage areas. Simply clean with soap and water.
  • Cost. Expense depends on your requirements and preferences. Costs can range from $35 to $95 or more per square foot.
  • Usage. An ideal choice for installation in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and wet bars. You can preview the actual slab at a local showroom. Go. You’ll see so many stunning stones in one setting.

Granite countertops add measurable value to your home. Do you know what you like when it comes to granite? Why not find out. Showrooms and local fabricators are very likely in your city. Granite is the superior stone � it’s a functional and elegant. An investment that you, your family and friends can enjoy for years to come. It�s a perfect rock!

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Jonathan Bates customizes living spaces to fit the unique style of the homeowner. His company, Prizmatik Interiors, provides design consulting services to residences across the DC Metro areas.

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