Need quick design advice or answers to questions about your interior?

Let’s meet in your home to discuss your design needs. We’ll talk about your space, design goals and any other desired elements we can cover in 45 minutes.  This service is perfect for those who have important questions that need answers from a design professional.

What’s a happens during your consultation?

Simple, easy and enlightening. I begin with a walk-through of your interior space(s). Next, we sit down to discuss your expectations for the space(s). I get to know your style and what’s important to you within your interior. It’s a very casual and comfortable conversation. We can talk about:

  • One room or several rooms within your interior focusing on your priorities
  • How to take your interior from where it is now to what you see reflected in the decor magazines
  • Space planning, functional needs and what you’d like to change or update
  • Your style and preferences for furnishings, cabinetry, countertops, tile, fixtures, finishes, lighting, paint colors, flooring, details, organization and other related questions
  • Kitchen, bathroom or basement renovation
  • Any design challenges or concerns you may have

Next, I’ll recommend a tailored design plan and design proposal. Ready to move foward ? It’s easy! No more guessing — Jonathan guides you through the design process, so that you can save money and spend your time wisely.

Start with a consultation