6 Steps to a Fantastic Foyer!

6 Steps to a Fantastic Foyer!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.�

We’�ve all heard it countless times. This time, let’s take it in a different direction. �Let�’s apply that saying to one of the most valued spaces � your home. Why is it important to think about your home�s first impression, “the foyer?”

The foyer or entryway of your home is your home�s first interior focal point. What does it say to your guests? What does it say to you? Does it say � �Welcome! �and in this space you’ll find, shoes, umbrellas, coats, mail, and if you search thoroughly � maybe my keys?�

Entryways can function as the ideal space to set the “tone” for your entire interior. It can become the area that you use to reveal a few things about your personality as well. With thoughtful selections and arrangements, those that enter into this space will begin to get a real sense of you and your interior. Start by creating a focal point. How can you best communicate this?

Consider these steps:

  1. Lighting. Select fixtures. Notable lamps or distinct ceiling fixtures (on a dimmer switch).
  2. Furniture. Select an exceptional console table (be mindful of space & scale).
  3. Accessories. Choose a “few” items that are personal and suitable.
  4. Flooring. Tile (pattern) or hardwood with the option of a unique area rug.
  5. Photos. Family photos or you may prefer dramatic artwork or a mirror.
  6. Edit. Eliminate anything that is a distraction (and then look for more stuff).

Remember, this is where it begins. That “first” impression. Where you get to “speak” without saying a word. Your guests? They’ll fondly remember all that was said. What elements have you found to work best within the foyer of your home? Do you have specific preferences?

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Jonathan Bates customizes living spaces to fit the unique style of the homeowner. His company, Prizmatik Interiors, provides design consulting services to residences across the DC Metro areas.

5 Responses to 6 Steps to a Fantastic Foyer!

  1. Hey Jonathan…you are quite the professional, with a real home grown teaching edge…we love it!

    In my foyer is a warm, chocolate brown leather bench, with a burgundy pillow placed on top which opens for storage of shoes, hats, scarfs, umbrellas…etc. And to your point….when my Mother enters our home after climbing 7 steps…the bench says “Welcome home Mama please sit, rest, catch your breath, take off your shoes and as soon as you are ready I’ll safely store your shoes for you.

    After reading your Blog…I have some more work to do to breathe more life into my foyer! I appreciate your website…It’s Amazing!

    Color is a Gift,
    Tracy J. -PA

    • Thanks Tracy! I appreciate your encouraging words. With the elements in place that you mentioned, it sounds like your foyer is definitely “functional”, comfortable and in the process of becoming fantastic. Good work!

  2. It was good to read this, Jonathan. I am very aware of the foyer of our home…just for the reason you mentioned, “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” It’s very easy to lay “stuff” there when you come in the door.

    What we have in the foyer of our home are lots of photos, some big that hang on the wall, and some small that sit on the small tables that are at the entryway, along with pretty, fresh flowers and other nostalgic items of ours. One very important thing I really like to keep there is a nice-smelling fragrance for one to smell the moment he enters. You may also see a piece of artwork done by our daughter at school nicely framed in the foyer. I like to hang her art that she brings home from school.

    There is also what is called a telephone bench which has storage in the seat area. You just lift the seat and you can store small items there. Under the bench are a few of our family’s favorite board games, nicely stacked and designed under the bench. We created an acrostic with our last name that is nicely framed that tells the most important things to our family. There’s also very pretty nice light switch covers at the entryway. You’ve made me want to take a second look now to see what I can improve.

    • Thanks Sherry! Based on what you’ve shared, the “foyer” of your home is the focal point. I really like the “nice scented fragrance” idea. It is equally as important as other elements because it directly affects the “senses.”

      • Hi Sherry…Tracy O. here, I too like the foyer scented fragrance idea…I’ll use it.

        Thanks for sharing :-)!

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